Kasetsart University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)

Kasetsart University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP)


     This program is designed for students who like to gain experiences in international education especially in the area of International Business and Thai Culture.


     International students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply for KUSEP: Student must enroll as a full-time student in his/her home university.
     KUSEP requires students to be proficient in English. Proof of English proficiency may be requested for non-native English speakers.

Student Status

     Upon admission to KUSEP, the student will hold an exchange student status. He/She will receive a student ID card and will have the same rights and responsibilities as other regular KU students. Upon completion of the study, certificate of completion will be awarded and an official transcript of record will be mailed to each student later on.

Tuition & University fee

Regular -> 65,000 THB
30+ days before Application deadline -> 60,000 THB

– Admission in Group of 5+ will get additional 10% off discount.
– For Currency Exchange please check with your local Bank.
– Additional fee may be requested for some study trip.
– For estimation of Update Currency Exchange please visit -> www.xe.com

Application Documents

– A completed application form Download form -> [ DOC Form ][ PDF Form ]

– One Photo 2″ (Size) Not older than 6 months

– A photocopy of passport

– A letter of recommendation from student’s academic advisor

– An official transcript of records

– IELTS with a minimum of 5.5 points/ TOEFL with a minimum of 500 points/ a proof of English Certificate from the University are preferable.

VISA Information for KUSEP Students

Recommendation for applying VISA (for exchange students)

         1. NOT to go abroad during 3 months, apply for 3 months non immigrant ED VISA.How ever, you need to go abroad once before the expired date. Then come back to Thailand by plane, you will get 1 months renewal.

         2. NOT to go abroad during 3 months, apply fro 3 months non immigrant ED VISA. But you really don’t want to go anywhere, please contact ISC office to make a formal letter and pay 1,900 THB at the immigration bureau to extend your VISA.

         3. To go abroad several times during 3 months, apply for 3 months non immigrant ED VISA

               3.1 Go abroad less than 3 times, apply for single re-entry. (Pay 1,000 THB each time)
               3.2 Go abroad more than 3 times, apply for multiple re-entry.(Pay 3,800 THB once)

This is to keep your VISA valid, Than, before the expired date, come back to Thailand by plane, you will get 1 month renewal.

        4. To stay in Thailand longer than study period or plan to get back to Thailand within one year, apply for 12 months non-immigrant ED VISA. But need to go abroad every three months.

Courses Provided by Faculties

Faculty of Economics

Bachelors of Arts in Entrepreneurial Economics (EEBA)

Bachelors of Arts in Entrepreneurial Economics (EEBA)

– EEBA Courses

– EEBA Study Timetable Second Semester 2012

Website : www.eeba.eco.ku.ac.th

Faculty of Agriculture

Tropical Agriculture (Faculty of Agriculture)

Tropical Agriculture (Faculty of Agriculture)

– Tropical Agriculture Courses

 Website : taip.agr.ku.ac.th/new/

Faculty of Humanities

Thai Language for Foreigners

Thai Language for Foreigners

– Thai Conversation in Everyday Life I

 Website: http://www.kitman.human.ku.ac.th/

International Studies Center will also provide 3 courses as follows.

Core Course

– International Business

– Thai Conversation in Everyday Life I

– International Marketing Management

Please note: Some courses offered are subject to change without prior notice and will be informed before semester begins.

Contact Information

Mr. Krishna Parntang
Management and Administrator Officer
International Studies Center, Kasetsart University
P.O.BOX 1097 Bangkok 10903
Tel : +662 562 0985
Fax: +662 562 0985
Website: http://www.interprogram.ku.ac.th/newsite
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isc.ku
E-mail: iscknp@ku.ac.th, ku.oip@ku.ac.th