Faculty of Agro-Industry

Faculty of Agro-Industry

Faculty of Agro-Industry

Bachelor of Science Program in Agro-Industrial Innovation and Technology arrowCLICKarrow rtl

The curriculum of Agro-Industrial Innovation and Technology is the first time offered in Thailand and Asean. It has been established to develop human resource for creating innovation in agro-industry. Thailand is dominant in biodiversity. Therefore, many varieties of agricultural materials are available in the country. With the outstanding academic background (6 year continuing as the food innovation award winner), the Department of Product Development offers the technology to innovate those materials into high value and high impact products.

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 International Program, Department of Product Development

Faculty of Agro-Industry, Building1, Kasetsart University, Bangkok THAILAND

Tel: +66 2 5625010, +66 92 7945255

Email: aiip@ku.ac.th
Url: http://www.aiip.agro.ku.ac.th